Political Cartoons

Dec 31st 2010

Final Political Cartoons

Cartoon 1

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 3

Cartoon 4

Cartoon 5


Oct 18th 2010

Oct 4th 2010.

This week I have watched the news skimmed through a few newspapers and scrolled through internet pages looking at news articles and news reports of a political nature in order to draw 5 political cartoons. The challenge I am facing at the moment is that labour has recently elected Ed Miliband so most of the political news is regarding the Miliband family and the brothers relationship and their different views on labours direction for the future. This subject is an appeal to me to draw a cartoon based on them as I have a younger brother who I am used to competing against for attention but as this particular political subject is so talked about at the moment I am quite sure that other members of my class will produce work based on the same subject.


3 Responses to Political Cartoons

  1. Up load your cartoons on to your website to today… and any research you have done for them too…

  2. There are some very good ideas here and when you take those ideas and develop them into something other than pencil sketches they become very powerful. Try using another medium like collage or Photoshop to make your images more visually striking next time. Well done and this is a very good start to your design studies at Greenwich.

    Now evaluate the processes you went through to create these ideas. Write 300 words on your cartoons. This is how to do it…. Then put it onto your website and look at what other people have written on their websites.
    What is Evaluation? Evaluation is the skill of being able to look at a piece of work and know what is right or wrong with it. It is an instinctive skill but one that you can develop by increasing your knowledge and understanding of art and design through studying the work of other artists and designers.
    Why do you evaluate your work? You evaluate your work to find out what works and what doesn’t. It is also important to understand what you have learned from doing the work. What are the new skills, techniques, and concepts that have you grasped through your involvement with the creative process? Each piece of work that you undertake should build upon your knowledge and understanding of art and design leaving you better equipped for your next challenge.
    How do you evaluate your work?
    When you are evaluating your designs you should consider the following:
    Your Images: Consider their suitability for the subject, their style, proportion, arrangement and colour. Could any of these be improved upon by making any adjustments.
    Your Fonts: Consider their suitability for the subject, their legibility, style, proportion, arrangement and colour. Could these be improved upon by making any adjustments.
    Your Layout: (the combination of images and fonts) Consider the proportions, arrangement, alignment, and colour relationships of the various elements in your design.
    Your Target Audience: (your client, buyers, users, readers, listeners) Does your design speak in a language, colour and style that appeals to your target audience?
    Your Technique: does your use of media, quality of finish and presentation need to be improved upon?

    • WJ027 says:

      After careful analysis of my cartoons I have found what aspects I like about them and what aspects I can change. The cartoon based on university fees I feel is a not quite completed cartoon I need to merge the image into a newspaper or magazine to finish it, but other than that without words it clearly shows that there is a fight going on between Clegg and Fees. The cartoon based on tax post I feel would work better as photograph and I shall develop this using different photographic techniques. The cartoon based on the Conservative party I feel works very well as a photograph but would be improved if I took the fake drugs out of the picture and just kept the bottle, also maybe if I changed the background image. The cartoon based on jobs and pensions I feel doesn’t work so well as a cartoon as my drawing skills don’t match up, for this I will attempt putting together a collage to show that the working age before pension has risen. The cartoon based on child benefits is a nice simple cartoon but again it’s not at a highly draw standard, I may possibly work on the drawing or find another way to represent the image, possibly using photoshop. Overall I like the topics I have chosen and the ideas I have behind them I think it’s a good start and with a little more work will be finished to a good standard.

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